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August 22, 2017
USS Ronald Reagan, VFA-41 Black Aces pivot to new mission objectives

Our carrier has re-positioned to the Yellow Sea off the west coast of the Korean Peninsula.

Good hunting Strike Fighters!

August 6, 2017
Black Aces Deploy for Korea Operations

North Korea has once again taken another step closer to destablizing the world. The world famous Black Aces VFA-41 have once again been called into action. Western inteligence and operational tempo and troop movements by North Korea, indicate that the cold war stalemate is about to end and kinetic operations are about to begin.

September 27, 2016
Commanding Officer Hedgehog Retires

The time has come to pipe ashore the CO of VFA-41 . Hedgehog was a founding member and plank owner of this squadron.We are sad to see him go and we hope he may return at some point in the future. Fair winds and Following Seas Skipper! Dragon has assumed command of VFA-41 as the new CO effective immediately, welcome aboard Skipper.






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